14 04, 2013

jQuery: 10 Most Useful Scripts You Should Know About

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jQuery is a JavaScript library similar to Prototype that helps developers write cross-browser compatible applications faster. If you're used to writing plain JavaScript code you're definitely familiar with implementation issues and hacks you have to employ because of browser differences. jQuery tries to level the ground, so to speak, so you can concentrate on making

8 04, 2013

What Search Engines Are Looking For

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We have been receiving a lot of questions lately about how to increase website traffic and how to improve rankings on search engines for specific keywords. A better question, however, should aim at understanding what search engines are looking for and provide just that. So what really are search engines after? 1. Content Content (mostly

27 02, 2013

3 Problem Areas For Low Performing Websites And How To Fix Them

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Low performing websites can hurt a business/organization. No matter how much visits you get to your website, you wont be able to make more sales, sign ups, or leads out of it. Today we'll talk about some problem areas for websites performing below average and some simple solutions that you can implement by yourself. 1.

19 02, 2013

List of Local Search Engines: Get Your Small Business Listed

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It's Friday night. We're deciding where to go eat out. My friend Denny pulls out his iPhone and starts searching for a restaurant. Having a smart phone now means that one can search for and find whatever you want, anytime. What's even better is that the search result is organized in a way that local

11 02, 2013

4 Things To Consider On Your Next Website Redesign

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Website redesign is a very important period in the life of your website. Just like any other major decision you'll make, the decision to redesign your website will affect your business or organization for the next months or even years. So it's good to get it right the first time. In this post, I'd like

19 01, 2013

3 Secrets To Increase Website Traffic

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With more and more businesses going online, getting users to your website is increasingly becoming important. If users are not coming to your website, then they are probably landing on your competitors' websites. getting users to visit your website is no easy task but there are steps you can take to increase traffic to your

12 01, 2013

7 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Your Website

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WordPress is easily the most popular and free blogging software out there. One of its main strengths is the ability to add features to it by adding mini-programs called plugins. Having a worldwide following of users and developers, WordPress is able to stay current thanks to the developers of these plugins who develop features for