14 11, 2011

WordPress: Redirect User To Custom Page After Log In

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The other day I was working on a Wordpress member site. I wanted to use the Wordpress native log in page but after logging in, a user would be redirected to a custom page depending on their roles and capabilities as a member. I was able to solve this problem in two simple steps which

21 10, 2011

jQuery: Styling Large Data Tables with Less Code

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For those who have worked with tables you know how much of a pain it can be to style it just right. In this article I'll share with you how I get the job done quickly using jQuery and a bit of CSS class styles. Good table structure is key to great design. With it

12 10, 2011

Simplest jQuery Slideshow with Text

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For a while I've been using a jQuery slideshow that I learned from Jonathan Snook's post: Simplest jQuery Slideshow. On that post Jonathan shows you how to create a slideshow of images without text. This type of slideshow works great with very minimum code. On this tutorial I'd like to extend it by adding some

9 10, 2011

iPhone: Set UIViewController Background In Interface Builder

By | 2011-10-12T16:15:26+00:00 October 9th, 2011|Blog|

The other day I was working on an iPhone app and needed to set the background of the view controller in Interface Builder (IB). In this post I'll share how to set the striped background as you have in the native Contacts app. Let's get started, shall we? Open the nib file in IB. Make

29 08, 2011

Introduction To WordPress: Create Your First Post

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In this article, I'll share with you how to create a blog post and a number of less known features built into Wordpress. Wordpress is the best blogging system out there. It currently powers some of the most highly visited blogs on the world wide web. This is simply because it is easy to use

2 08, 2011

Why You Should Be Blogging For Your Business

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Blogging has grown from a dump for people who had something to say to a tool to allow businesses to grow a ‘fan base’ where they can connect with their customers at a personal level and provide more of a human touch service. These days there’s a distrust of big companies among the population due