3 09, 2013

Website Redesign Checklist For Small Businesses

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For a lot of small businesses, having an active web presence is vital to survival. More and more potential customers are taking their business online, and because of this your business/company website has to be current and appealing to the visitors. You thought about it and you decide it’s time to redesign your website. I’m

29 08, 2013

5 Best Blogs To Help Grow Your Business

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Growing a business is very challenging. If you're running a small business, you're probably wearing many hats at any given time and at each point in time you need to make decisions quickly. So it's important for you to continue increasing knowledge in the different areas of your business. Now, you don't have to go

19 08, 2013

Video Tutorial: How To Add Photos To A Page/Post on WordPress

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Here at Front2Back Studio, we're big fans of WordPress because it makes it very easy to make changes to a website. We created a video screencast to show you how to add a photo to a page/post on WordPress. This simple task is sometimes difficult for beginners so we thought the best way to educate

3 07, 2013

Attack On WordPress Powered Sites: How To Protect Your Website

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Spend a day browsing the Internet and there is a good chance that many of the sites that you come across are driven by WordPress. A robust platform typically used for blogging, WordPress is utilized in some fashion in more than 70 million websites, ranging from personal blogs to large corporate websites. However, the ubiquitous

26 06, 2013

The Subtle Art Of Convincing Your Website Visitors To Take Action

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If you are involved in any type of marketing on the Web, the words “call to action” should be familiar to you by now. In fact, any time you are trying to get your visitors to perform some type of action–whether it is to purchase something or to signup for membership–the call to action is

6 05, 2013

Homepage Turn-Offs: How To Get Website Visitors Past The Homepage

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Businesses spend big bucks on website design or redesign that attracts customers and impresses potential clients. But in the effort to make a website stand out, businesses may make missteps that scare off the very customers they’re trying to reach. Here are a few great major things to avoid if you want to ensure visitors