27 12, 2012

Why Is My Website Running Slowly? 3 Most Common Causes

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A website running slowly can cost a business in several ways. Visitors coming to your website may not be patient enough to wait for the page to load so that they can learn about what you're offering. 65% of users will not return to a slowly loading website and this could directly affect your business.

30 06, 2012

CKEditor with jQuery: Remove Instance

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So the other day I was implementing CKEditor with jQuery so that I can load data dynamically and allow the user to edit using CKEditor. I quickly ran into the issue of the editor not showing up after the first display. After several tries googling a solution, I was able to put together a solution

22 06, 2012

Using Social Media Marketing to Boost Traffic to Your Website

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Marketing has gradually evolved in recent years to match changing technologies. No longer is marketing geared toward print ads and targeted media campaigns. For today’s business, social media offers an unprecedented opportunity to easily get the word out without spending a fortune on advertising. Having a well-designed, informative website is the first step in setting

20 06, 2012

Using Website SEO to Improve Search Engine Ranking

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No matter how great your website, it’s only as good as the people who see it. Since the majority of web surfers head to search engines first when trying to find information about something, where you place on search engines is extremely important. Many users never browse past the first page. Of those who do,

2 12, 2011

SEO Basics: Keyword Research The Right Way

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Keyword Research is probably the most overlooked task when optimizing a website for search engines. A typical scenario goes something like this: A website owner writes down a few keywords and sends them to the web designer to add to web pages. The web designer does what he has been told and that completes the

27 11, 2011

MySQL SUM and MAX Functions Tutorial

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MySQL databse system has a number of built-in functions that allow you to write less code and do less code and in this tutorial we'll look at MySQL SUM and MySQL MAX fucntiosn. As a web developer, I work with the MySQL database quite extensively and every time, I'd like to make leverage the resources

14 11, 2011

WordPress: Redirect User To Custom Page After Log In

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The other day I was working on a Wordpress member site. I wanted to use the Wordpress native log in page but after logging in, a user would be redirected to a custom page depending on their roles and capabilities as a member. I was able to solve this problem in two simple steps which