WordPress Theme Development

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WordPress is a great platform for your website. It gives you the flexibility of adding functionality that you need to run your business or organization. It also provides flexibility of easily changing the look of your website using WordPress themes.

At Front2Back Studio, we’re experts in building and working on WordPress themes. We do it. Every. Single. Day.

Custom Theme Design

If you’re looking for a custom theme designed for you, we can do it. We will build you a standards compliant theme that not only looks elegant but also follows WordPress best practices.

Customize Existing Theme

We can help customize a WordPress theme that you bought from a marketplace or had developed before. We can add new features to it or functionality.

Fix Theme Issues

Sometimes themes may develop issues, usually from poor design or planning process. Styling issues, mobile view issues, or even slow loading. We can fix these issues for you.

Do you have WordPress theme project or questions you’d like to discuss? We’re here to help!