With more and more businesses going online, getting users to your website is increasingly becoming important. If users are not coming to your website, then they are probably landing on your competitors’ websites. getting users to visit your website is no easy task but there are steps you can take to increase traffic to your website. Today, I’ll share 3 sure ways to more than double your traffic.

Before we look at the 3 ways to increase traffic to your website, I have one question for you: Do you know how much traffic you’re getting? If you don’t, check out Google Analytics, a tool that tracks traffic to your website created by Google. If you need help installing this on your website, then get in touch with us.

1. Share and participate on Social Media

The first thing you do is create a business profile/account on the leading social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Each of these sites allow you to enter your basic information and some description along with a photo. Make sure you fill out as much as possible. This step is important because having your business information on social networks makes it easier to find by search engines.
Next, you need to share quality information and participate in industry groups. By sharing quality information, you can build a great following of users who find your posts useful. The more you share great content, the more likely it is for users to find and learn about your business. Try and come up with information in the form of articles, audio and video interviews, industry reports, and any other relevant type of media for your industry.

2. Have other sites link to you

Another sure way to increase traffic to your website is to have other websites link to you. Google looks at links as votes of approval for a website. The more websites link to your website the more the votes you have which means that your website has some value. To get websites to link to you, consider these places:

  • Social networks. These networks allow you to add your website link as part of your profile
  • Industry publications and organizations. Many businesses are members of at least one industry organization. You can request them to link to your website by virtue of being a member.
  • Forums are also a good place for linking back to your website. Just make sure you participate and contribute every so often
  • Produce quality content that will make other websites want to link to you. For example, if you’re a chiropractor, sharing tips on how to avoid back pain for office dwellers can be picked up by local media in which case they’ll link to your website.
  • Request to exchange links with other complementary businesses, vendors, contractors, manufacturers, service providers etc.

3. Produce More Content

What’s killing most websites now is outdated content. When is the last time you updated text on your website? Search engines are always looking for new content and so websites that produce new content often have a better chance to be ranked higher.  You don’t have to write new articles everyday to be considered valuable by search engines. Depending on your industry, determine what type of content you want to focus on and try to generate this content every so often. Content can be in the form of blog articles, video, testimonials, white papers, customer reviews, or comments.

Increasing traffic to your website is an ongoing work that can be very beneficial to your organization. Consider hiring an expert to help you a long the way. At Front2Back Studio we help organizations realize these goals much sooner than they ever thought. Click here for a free consultation from the experts.