Are You A WordPress Newbie? These Expert Tips Are Just What You Need To Shine In The Blogosphere…

WordPress opens a world of possibilities for the blog-savvy entrepreneur with its simple yet functional interface. The great thing about WordPress is that it’s way more than a platform for blogging– you can use it to create your very own business website. And the helpful tools and features only add to its appeal and make WordPress all the more exciting.

Got everything from inspiring content to social media icons on your website but still can’t find the right stream of traffic? Here are a few pointers for those new to WordPress that will definitely help head your site in the right direction. Take a look:

All That White Space Can Bore Your Readers –True. Even if your blog or website focuses on a serious audience, no need to leave it all colorless and bland. Go for a subtle hint of color that isn’t too overwhelming, yet makes an impact at the same time. You can even choose a theme that is simple yet adds an aesthetic edge to your website.

Word-ify Your Images – The graphic element almost always adds a visual allure and striking factor to your blog. But did you know that you can use images for boosting SEO and readability as well? Next time you upload a picture, make it work for you by adding a title and small description in the alternate text field. This will not only enhance the traffic on your blog, but also display the description of the image when a user hovers over it.

Too Many Widgets Can Cause Clutter– Only include widgets that you absolutely need, especially when your blog is new. Widgets are visible on the side bar, and can consist of anything and everything from your social media buttons, ads to recent tweets, RSS feed and more. Remember that an excess of these widgets can make your blog too overwhelming for the user, and also divert attention from call to action messages and useful information. Go for a minimalistic and smart blog design that says more in few words. Trust me; it’s the Zen approach that rules the web nowadays.

Your Permalinks Need to Be Spruced Up – This here is one tip that will not only add to the functionality of your blog, but also make it more SEO friendly. For starters, a permalink is the unique web address that each page on your blog is going to have. Now by default, the permalink can either consist of a few random characters or can be the title of your blog. The thing is, having a long web addresses can make your blog look choppy, turn off readers and also affect overall rankings. The trick is to choose a short yet meaningful permalink that sums up the main ideal of your blog in just a few words and helps you rank higher for your targeted keywords (without unnecessary stuffing).

Spamming Can Be A Nightmare – No doubt about that.  Aside from being plain annoying, spam can also affect your blog’s ranking on Google. Beware – the spam-brigade can creep in through comment boxes or even content forms – and it is best to take care of it with a smart plugin. Perhaps the best anti spam plug-in out there is Akismet – it monitors your website round the clock to keep dreaded spam at bay!

Last But Not The Least, Wow Them With The Content – Bear in mind that at the end of the day, you are making the website for humans and not search bots, so stay away from excessive keyword usage and short-term tricks to rank higher in search engines. Make the content flow naturally and provide information that genuinely interests and educates readers. Marketing your website is important, but building a personal connection with your audience first is way more important than that. This can make or break your web presence.

So, what you are you waiting for? WordPress is a simple, easy and smart platform to make an entry into the web world with a bang. Start WordPress-ing today for the win!