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At Front2Back Studio, we cherish the close-knit connection within the team that allows us to perform at such a high level. When you work with us, it’s like we’re part of you and you, a part of us. There are no layers of assistants to get through. Our main goal is to deliver your project as you envisioned it on time and on budget. That’s why we like flat-rate pricing. You will not be hit by surprise bills. Ever.

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Harley Darnell
Harley DarnellCreative Director
Harley brings over 30 years experience partnering with numerous marketing groups and agencies where he sharpened his craft, as a senior creative developing successful integrated advertising and marketing communication solutions for growing clients across multiple industries.
Peter Kahuria
Peter KahuriaLead Developer
Peter brings 10 years of coding experience in the various programming languages such as C, Python, PHP, SQL as well as scripting languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. He got his start while at University of Oklahoma where he studied Computer Science.

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