Blogging has grown from a dump for people who had something to say to a tool to allow businesses to grow a ‘fan base’ where they can connect with their customers at a personal level and provide more of a human touch service. These days there’s a distrust of big companies among the population due to money management issues and poor customer service. While a blog does not fix these issues, it allows a business to effectively communicate with their audience and stay in touch with them. Here’s a list of reasons why your business can benefit from blogs:

1. Share Your Story

Blogging allows you to share the story behind your business in ways that a normal website cannot. You got into business because you wanted to help others in an area you’d struggled with or where you saw a need. By sharing your story you connect with your customers at a deeper level and relate to the story of their own lives.

2. Engage Users

By writing regular blog posts, you allow users to be a part of your business as an audience and get them to provide more insight on how to improve your product. No one will ever know your products better than your customers who use them everyday. Blogs allow you to get feedback from customers on different aspects of your business.

3. Share Information

A  blog allows you to share product and service information in many ways. While you may have product listings with details, a blog may allow you to present user testimonials, how-to tutorials and get feedback from users in the form of comments that they leave behind. By providing your users with information on products and services you empower them to make informed choices. Businesses that aim to teach benefit and gain trust of customers because customers feel more confident about them. Think about it: would you rather use an equipment that’s well documented or one that you are guessing its purpose?