It’s 2018 and like the years before, many businesses are updating or redesigning their websites. You’re probably thinking that you need to redesign your website or get a brand new website. Good for you! According to Google Search, websites that are updated frequently get better ranking for a number of reasons. There are a number of platforms or software that you can use to build your website on, just as there are a number of building materials for building a house. In this article, I just wanted to introduce you to the software called WordPress and why it’s an excellent choice for building websites.

What’s WordPress?

WordPress is a software that allows you to easily create and manage your website. It comes packaged with a template/theme which defines the look of your website and an admin area where you log in to create pages and make design changes. WordPress software is free (aka open-source software) that is developed by a team of developers around the world and is constantly being updated.

Reason #1: Free & Easy Access

One big advantage of WordPress is that the main software is free to use however you want. This is one of the terms of an open-source software. Now, you can still buy templates and themes to change the look of your WordPress website but having the core of the software free, with free updates makes it very appealing. The Internet and software world is always changing and so having software that changes with it over time in the form of updates is a big plus.

Easy access of the software also ensures that you don’t have to start over when you change developers in case you hire one or a team. If you have a custom website built from scratch and the developer or company that developed the website become unavailable, then you’re stuck. Having WordPress, you can easily find help because of the uniform design and development process.

Reason #2: Ease of Use

WordPress makes it easier to manage your website through a standard dashboard that you securely access. This dashboard has been developed and refined over time and has been made simple enough to follow. In addition, you can assign others in your team and give them access to specific areas/pages to edit making your operation run smoothly.

Reason #3: Grow With It

Many businesses focus on the ‘now’ when building their websites. They focus on their needs now without thinking much about the future. Well, with WordPress that is not an issue because you can easily expand it over time to suit your needs. Your WordPress website can start off as a simple website and turn it into an e-commerce website down the road. Or it can be a blog and lead generator or a membership site a few months from now. These expansions are made possible by how WordPress is designed to work in that you can add mini-programs to it and these mini-programs add features. These mini-programs are better known as plugins. You can also change the look by adding templates and themes to it.

A business website should be able to grow with the company and provide a scalable design that works for everybody involved. WordPress makes it easy to do all this.

I hope this article has provided you with some information to help you make the right decision. If you’d like to discuss further, click here to contact us for help.