For an entrepreneur juggling between managing the employees and clients while overlooking the resources and finances for the smooth functioning of the company, there’s just no time to waste. Effective planning and enhanced organization is the key to utilizing the limited time in the best way possible.

As such, mobile applications that have taken the digital world by a storm in the past few years can be a great tool in every business-owners arsenal. Since apps have grown to become more powerful than ever, it’s not that difficult to navigate ones that are specially designed to maximize your productivity.

From one that can help you pen down the tasks for the day, allocate and monitor the progress to the ones that can help you access your PC or laptop anytime, anywhere, we have hand-picked best mobile applications that every business owner must install today. Take a look!

1. LogMeIn


Enabling you to take your business anywhere and address the urgent tasks anytime even when you are not at your desk. LogMeIn is a great tool that allows you to launch any PC program from your mobile device. Meaning, with Log MeIn on your smartphone you can access any important data or file stored on your PC or Mac right from your mobile. The app is especially beneficial for business people who travel a lot as it enables them to view files remotely. Both android and iPhone users can draw its benefits by installing the app.


2. Workflow


Workflow is a powerful app designed to help you automate processes and save time. The app allows you to customize your phone for effortless management and monitoring of your work. A simple drag and drop action allows you to create powerful workflows so that your day goes on smoothly. The app will automatically skip all the time-wasting tasks and tell your phone what to do next on noticing a certain action. For instance, it will instruct your device to call an Uber before your next business meeting or appointment. The app is designed to complete virtually any action that you can think of or instruct it to do, making your life much easier.

3. Evernote

Manage your to-do list effortlessly by installing Evernote on your mobile device. It is a powerful online note-taking app that acts as your digital notebook. Plus, it also allows you to store photos, PDF files, web pages, notes, audio clips and more. It is also equipped with an indexing feature, which makes all the things added to the notebook easily navigable. The best part is, Evernote can be accessed on mobile and desktop both.

4. Slack


Emails are fast becoming an obsolete way of communicating with the team as a myriad of functional and easy-to-use collaborative software and applications are taking its place. Slack is one such application that is revolutionizing team communication. It is a great tool for staying updated with the work and team communications. No more going through the endless threads of emails and sifting through dozens of messages to get updates with the workflow. Slack enables you to tag users and create multiple channels for smaller team projects, which enhances collaboration. It sends you non-intrusive notifications so that you can stay on top of what’s happening at all times.

5. PayPal


Running a business involves a lot of day-to-day transactions, both big and small. You can use the PayPal mobile app for business as well as personal use. For business purpose, you can create an account for your company or group name and then easily accept payments from your customers. PayPal supports all types of payments and you can easily send money across borders too. If you have a high transaction volume, you can also sign up for a premier account and enjoy its special benefits.

6. Casual.PM


Casual Project Management is another collaborative app that allows you to efficiently manage all your tasks and overlook workflows while being more visual.  It enables you to keep an eye on the working of new projects so that you don’t miss out on important updates. The app also allows you to organize your ideas just the way they look in your vision. Casual PM makes sure that everything is connected and visual so that you can easily monitor what’s going on.

7. Docusign

Since we are doing away with pen and paper in this digital era, having an app like docusign that doesn’t need you to be physically present for signing an important document is important. The app enables you to sign any important document in three easy steps. Click the link in your notification email to open the document you need to sign; follow the signing instructions and at last confirm signature. Yes, it’s that simple!

All these seven apps are simply indispensable for a business person in today’s world. These apps not only organize your work life but also make your more efficient and productive. Let us know which mobile applications you have been using to sort your life. Also, share your experience after using the above-mentioned applications.