Engagement is an important factor for any website. After all, business websites exist to connect with customers and clients and share information about products, services and other company details. So it’s important to engage users on your website before you can effectively communicate. Using WordPress plugins you can easily engage users at various points of interaction with your website. Here’s a list of some plugins that will help you achieve this:

Contact Form plugins

The most popular and simple need for any business website is for users to contact you. You want users to request a quote, send an inquiry or submit information. All these needs can be addressed by a contact form plugin. The top 3 contact plugins are:

  • Gravity forms: this is a great plugin for more advanced forms where you need more customization and integration with other third party applications such as email services.
  • Jumbo Form Builder: this is a great plugin for large forms as it allows you to create columns of fields so you can capture a lot of data. It’s our favorite with clients because it can be easily customized.
  • Visual Form Builder: this is a simple plugin for simple forms. It works well out of the box.

Email Subscription & Marketing

Capturing user emails has become standard in most websites nowadays. You need to capture emails so you can email your users newsletters, new blog posts, and other new information that may be of interest for them. Engaging your users via email is still very effective because you’re sure they’ll check their emails at some point. Many email services such as Mail Chimp provide plugins for integrating your website with them. The top email subscription and marketing plugins include:

  • MailChimp plugin: you’ll need a MailChimp account to use it and it’ll provide you with a subscribe form that you can place anywhere on your website.
  • OptinMonster: this WordPress plugin is great for collecting emails through pop-ups that can be configured, allowing you to maximize visitor conversion.
  • Mail Poet: this is another free WordPress plugin that has been very popular. This plugin not only helps you capture emails, but also allows you to send newsletters to your users.

Chat Plugins

Lastly, there are chat plugins to further engage with users in real time. This may work great with e-commerce websites where users want quick answers before making purchases. Service based businesses also can benefit from real time chat functionality. The best chat plugins for WordPress include:

Engagement comes in many forms and shapes and so you need to decide what parts to focus on. The important thing to do with every channel of engagement is to measure its success over time and see if it’s working for you. Try out and see what works for your type of website.